Barnyard Millet Cookies

Barnyard millet scientific name is Echinochloa esculenta,It family name is poaceae.  It is commonly known as cockspur or cockspur grassbarnyard milletJapanese milletwater grasscommon barnyard grass, or simply "barnyard grass". 


It grows on variety of wet sites such as low areas in fertile croplands and wet wastes, often growing in water. Succeeds in cool regions, but better adapted to areas where average annual temperature is 14-16 °C.The grain is eaten by humans in India, The roots are boiled to cure indigestion in the Philippines. The young shoots are eaten as a vegetable.


The plant extract is used in diseases of the spleen. barnyard grass is a folk remedy in India for carbuncleshaemorrhagessoresspleen trouble, cancer and wounds.

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